Wuthering Hike

In the end of October 2009 I joined a group of Kate Bush fans on the 25th anniversary of the Wuthering Hike; a walk across the Yorkshire moors to Top Withens, the ruined farmhouse said to have inspired Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and hence Kate’s 1978 hit.

I have always been quite obsessive about music, in my teens I listened mainly to grunge (any band from Seattle qualified, the only exception were The Smashing Pumpkins - they were excused despite coming from Chicago…). Slowly other music crept in; Stina Nordenstam, Tori Amos and Kate Bush - distinct, often confessional female vocals. Kate Bush is the only one of those artists that still gets regular play in my iPod today. She’s a genius.

The walk up to Top Withen’s reminded me of the sense of community that music gave me as a teenager. Kate was the only common denominator along the group of us walking across the moor, but surprisingly few discussions surrounded Kate’s music. It was a casual gathering, an annual occasion and for some people it had become a meet up with the extended family; the one time every year when you catch up with old friends or meet new ‘virtual friends’ face-to-face for the first time.

The landscapes and portraits in this book were taken on the day we walked up to Top Withens.

The book is available to buy via this link for £9.99: http://www.blurb.co.uk/bookstore/detail/3291643

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