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Behind the scenes video from the shoot I did for the launch issue of Re:call Magazine.

Shot by Alexander Dellow.


It’s not everyday I shoot in a cake factory.

Thanks to Danny Bourke (Mr Cupcake Eyes) for assisting on this one.


Just before Christmas I did a fashion test with Milda from MandP Models, with Janis doing the styling.

The light needed to be soft and subtle so in the end I settled for one light with a softbox (a large Illuma model) -> the results will follow shortly on my website. It was nice to travel ‘light’ and catch a train to the location and leave the car at home for once…


Nanukk is a British designer of silk georgette scarves. We shot her new collection in the middle of December at Adrian Pini’s Studio. Modelled by the multitalented (model, actress, singer…) Christina from MOT Models. I used the Oyster coloured Colorama (which has been a favourite of mine for a while…) and a small three light setup (+1 polyboard). 

The test-shots above are (as usual) a mixture of 5DmkII and Instagram. Thanks to my assistant Paul Astley for the additional behind the scenes images.


We shot the new collection for Chatham Girl/Zara Carpenter today - loads of amazing new hats! A fun day with copious amounts of Coke and chocolate! Thanks to Tanya from Zone Models, Chantelle Queenbarrows (make up), Ritsu (hair). Ritsu came well prepared with a t-shirt featuring Tanya (available in topman)! 

Pictures coming soon!

Out of Control - Blitz kids

This video is from a shoot for Disorder Magazine I did last summer, in a London squat. I’d almost forgotten about it when I came across a link to this video. 

I’ll post the images sometime in a separate post.

Filmed and edited by Vladimir Shilins, music by Hot Hot Heat.

This is what happens when you let Zara near my flower arrangements…

This is what happens when you let Zara near my flower arrangements…

AW 2011 jewellery shoot - Behind the scenes

Last week I shot a set of images for The Earring Boutique in Adrian Pini’s studio, North London. The brief was to create five images, each one with a slightly different look, to promote their new collection.

Stacey from Models1 was our model for the day, Maddie Austin did the make up and Valerie Benavides created a COMPLETELY different hairstyle for every single shot! Many thanks to Jenni Leskinen for assisting and to Danny Bourke for filming the shoot - I will post a link to the video here when it is done! 

The photographs here are shot by Danny Bourke and me on iPhone (processed through Mill Colour), Hipstamatic, and a Canon 5DmII

Lines, lines, lines, in a beautiful wooden box!

Here’s a peek behind-the-scenes of a fashion shoot I did last week for a fantastic new designer. It was shot in an amazing location on De Beauvoir Road in Hackney (Google ‘Ed’s Shed’!). It was one of those days when everything just slots together (thanks to careful planning and great co-ordination!); the team was fantastic and a big thank you to the sun for coming out for the last three setups!

I can’t wait to show you the final images, but in the meantime this is a glimpse from the day.

(Photographs shot by Sara Norling [my assistant on the day] and me with an iPhone (processed through Mill Colour), Hipstamatic, and a Canon 5DmkII)

UCA location lighting workshop

Robin Albrecht, one of my students at UCA, made a little video of the lighting workshop I ran a few weeks ago. Thankfully it’s not just shots of me looking awkward, but is packed with romantic Super8ontheiPhone4 shots of Shorne Woods Country Park